Welcome to
the Power of Partnerships

Welcome to  The Power of Partnerships 2022

Power of Partnerships 2022 was the third and final gathering of its kind. Free to attend, it brought together Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs) from across the Midlands and East Anglia. Produced by three Bridge partners; Arts Connect, Festival Bridge and The Mighty Creatives, this cross-regional approach provided an opportunity to explore shared experiences, to learn from each other and to imagine possibilities for the future.

This site brings together all of the Power of Partnerships content, to hold it in perpetuity for LCEPs, and other place-based partnerships to continue to use.  You will find films, resources and signposts which help partnerships to support children & young people in their cultural education and creative careers.  There are five themes to explore, with contributions from creatives including young artists, LCEP chairs and the Chief Executive of Arts Council England.  

On behalf of Arts Connect, Festival Bridge and The Mighty Creatives; we thank you for your interest in Power of Partnerships. 

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