Power of Partnerships Gathering 2022

Power of Partnerships Gathering 2022

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Power of Partnerships 2022 Gathering


This was a hybrid event with the three Bridge partners; Arts Connect, Festival Bridge and The Mighty Creative, that brought together Local Cultural Education Partnerships (LCEPs) from across the Midlands and East Anglia on the 5th of May 2022.

You can view the recorded highlights from the day which includes ‘Abridged Fragments’, a poem by Charley Genever and the Partnerships Expert Panel Discussion.

Theme 1: Creative Rights

Creative Rights considers the entitlement of children and young people to connect and create so that each one of them, regardless of situation or background, is enabled to find and follow whatever shape they want creativity to take in their life.

Image: Still from Joy at the Job Centre


Theme 2: Creative Futures


Creative Futures considers the success of LCEPs (Local Cultural Education Partnerships) in the long term, so that local place-based partnerships, which are essential to a thriving future for our children and young people, are made sustainable, achievable, and beneficial for all involved.

Image: Still from Wolverhampton CEP

 Theme 3: Creative   Youth

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Creative Youth considers the co-creation of meaningful involvement and leadership with children and young people, so that they’re empowered to create with the adults around them as equals, with agency and confidence, in order to shape their futures.

Image: Still from Shout Out for the Arts

 Theme 4: Creative   Growth

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Creative Growth considers the realisation of young people’s skills, connections, careers, and capabilities. It helps to ready young people for employment, to expand their skills and capabilities, and to put them in the best possible position to make informed decisions about their creative careers.

Image: Still from Creative Youth Voices Project

Theme 5: Creative Activism

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Creative Activism considers the transformative power of children and young people, along with networks and resources, so that through culture and creativity a more equitable and meaningful world is shaped by passionate people together.

Image: Still from Peachy Group – We Can Be the Change We Want to Make.


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These Showstoppers portray and celebrate the incredible work happening across all of our LCEPs, and in many cases have been produced by the young people we work with.

Image: Still from Riverside

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