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Theme 3: Creative Youth considers the co-creation of meaningful involvement and leadership with children and young people, so that they’re empowered to create with the adults around them as equals, with agency and confidence, in order to shape their futures.

Child-led Co-Creation with Artists in Schools
Samantha Whelan, Chair, Black Shale and Director, Platform Thirty1

Interview with Samantha Whelan, Chair of Black Shale (Amber Valley and Bolsover LCEP), and Director of Platform Thirty1 (Lead organisation for LCEP).

Young People at the Heart of the Creative Future
Lucy Farrant and Emily Thomas, Norwich 2040

Lucy Farrant and Emily Thomas talk about Norwich 2040 and how they want to ensure young people are at the heart of cultural planning. They then talk about how they embodied this in the project Figurine it Out.

Shout Out for the Arts

Shout Out for the Arts is led by a youth board who campaign for engagement and diversity in the arts, they are currently working on diversifying the board so that it includes young people from across a large rural county. Hear from Saanvi, who has been involved since she was 10 years old, about her experience working with WCEP and Shout Out for the Arts.

Walsall SHOUT
Young Arts Ambassadors 

Walsall SHOUT: Consulting with children and young people of Walsall about what the arts, culture and heritage they want. A young people co-produced event on the 1st April for 8-18 year olds who are leaders and Arts Ambassadors from schools across Walsall; this event will lead to a cultural manifesto for the children and young people of Walsall to inform strategic developments including an application to the ACE Place Partnership Fund. Provocation: How can young people develop their skills and confidence to co-produce and co-lead critical events to influence decision makers?

Norfolk Young Creatives

This short film collaboratively produced by a group of Norfolk Young Creatives aimed to highlight some of the challenges facing young people in the region and how creativity can in turn benefit them. The film covers some of the key issues in the creative industries ranging from education, funding and health to culture, community and inclusivity. It was written, filmed and edited within the space of a month and first debuted at Norfolk Arts Forum executive committee on 17 June 2021.

Let’s Talk: Youth Voice
Lucy James, Freelance Composer, Derbyshire

Lucy discusses her lived experience as a young person in the care system, identifying as LGBTQIA+ and being nurtured by the work of an LCEP to establish a career. Lucy reflects on the findings of her youth voice research with The Mighty Creatives, focusing on the recommendations for accommodating sustainable and successful youth voice work.

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