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Theme 1: Creative Rights considers the entitlement of children and young people to connect and create so that each one of them, regardless of situation or background, is enabled to find and follow whatever shape they want creativity to take in their life.

Joy at the Job Centre
Eleanor Root, Ipswich Museums, and Philip Carter-Goodyear, Jobcentre Plus

See what happened at the 'Joy at the Jobcentre' Cultural Takeover in Ipswich during February half term. Hear from the people who organised it and some of the participants.

Feel Good Summer School
Hema Badger-Mistry, Pedestrian, & Vince Attwood, The City Classroom

The City Classroom has worked in partnership with local artists, organisations, schools and members to develop, deliver and evaluate a summer of enhanced learning activity as a means to support children creatively in additional learning and creative discovery with those most affected by Covid-19.

My Creative Track
Andy Wright, Head of Dudley Virtual School

My Creative Track; Cultural Entitlement Framework for Children in Care (0 to 25 years), covers a developmental framework across art forms to facilitate progression for children and young people and the adults that support them.

How Can Children with Disabilities Particularly in a Large Rural County Have Access to Arts and Culture in their Places?
Hannah Prior, Culture Consortium Shropshire

Partner Investment Programme focusses on children with disabilities and their families having access to arts and culture. This includes a group of young people who co-produced a film during lock down so that other children with disabilities could access the arts. Provocation: How can children with disabilities particularly in a large rural county have access to arts and culture in their places? How can these be co-produced with these children and young people?

Unlocking Participation
Trudy Bell, Unlock Northamptonshire CEP

Talking to Trudy Bell, we hear about UNLOCK. We hear about the delivery of this work, the projects involved and the different aims and values that drive them.

The Red Herring of Money
Toby Slater-Robins, Periscope

Toby Slater-Robins, chair of Periscope, on the topic of money as a red herring. What is the underlying purpose of why we are all here, and how do we actually meet it?

Who am I?
Isaiah Agbelusi, Positive Youth Foundation, Coventry

Teenager Isaiah guides you through his personal experiences of education, making music, being black and dealing with stressful situations. He welcomes you to listen to the challenges he has faced, in the hope that you will support the removal of these barriers for others.

Additional Resources


A programme by the West Midlands Virtual Schools Children in Care Foundation, supported by Arts Connect through PI.


Norfolk Young Creatives Film

Festival Bridge are proud to present a short film collaboratively produced by a group of Norfolk Young Creatives. We aimed to highlight some of the challenges facing young people in the region and how creativity can in turn benefit them. The film covers some of the key issues in the creative industries ranging from education, funding and health to culture, community and inclusivity.