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Theme 2: Creative Futures considers the success of LCEPs (Local Cultural Education Partnerships) in the long term, so that local place-based partnerships, which are essential to a thriving future for our children and young people, are made sustainable, achievable, and beneficial for all involved.

Wolverhampton Cultural Education Partnership
Marguerite Nugent, Chair, and Ciaran O’Donnell, Vice Chair

A journey of development from 2015 which in parts has been challenging, to its current position of being integrated with the Cultural Compact and leading with key partners such, as the University of Wolverhampton.

Lowestoft Rising
Phil Aves, Lowestoft Rising

Phil Aves discusses Lowestoft Rising. The LCEP is one of the longest-standing and here you can hear about its foundation and the importance of school-leader relationships and leveraging investment.

The Future of LCEPs
Ben Sandbrook, World Pencil

Ben Sandbrook is in the process of writing an Impact Report and Partnership Framework for The Mighty Creatives. He has also worked with other LCEPs and Bridges. Here he reflects on the impact report he has been working on and shares a few words on the future working of partnerships and LCEPs.

The Story of Enjoy Great Yarmouth LCEP Michael Corley, Festival Bridge, and Colin Stott, Enjoy Great Yarmouth

The story of Great Yarmouth told by Michael Corley and Colin Stott. They reflect on being one of the original LCEPs, along with the challenges faced and successes enjoyed over 10 years; a life story of the LCEP.

Stoke & North Staffordshire CEP
Nicky Twemlow 

Nicky Twemlow - First Chair of Stoke & North Staffs CEP who developed the CEP from their City of Culture Bid into an integrated partnership as part of the Cultural Compact, now renamed as Stoke Creates. This provides an insight into the journey they have been on and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Partnership, Collaboration & Working Together Darren Henley, Chief Executive, Arts Council England

Darren talks about how we can take care of each other in a post-pandemic world and the importance of good mental and physical health. He covers the Arts Council ‘Let’s Create’ 10 year strategy and how to support the next generation of creative talent. He finishes by taking questions from children & young people about LCEPs, cultural education and partnership working. 

Additional Resources

Local Cultural Education Partnerships Film

Arts Connect have shared a film about LCEPs, view here

Impact & Evaluation

Choosing how best to evaluate your work or partnership can be difficult, particularly where resources do not match your ambition. Andrea Spain’s practical workshop explored different types and purposes of evaluation before inviting you to consider the evaluation questions that are most important (and useful) to you.

Workshop Resources

Workshop Breakout Notes - Workshop Slides - People Make It Work Evaluation Presentation - Arts & Culture Infographic - Fostering Youth Voice in Evaluation