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Theme 5: Creative Activism considers the transformative power of children and young people, along with networks and resources, so that through culture and creativity a more equitable and meaningful world is shaped by passionate people together.

An Invitation To Be Together Differently - Drawing on Work in Peterborough with Practitioners and Vulnerable Families 

Drawing on Work in Peterborough With Practitioners and Vulnerable Families. Creative Parenting: PHACE in Peterborough working with vulnerable families via SENCOs off the back of Let's Create packs in lockdown. With Gabby Arenge and Emily Dowdeswell, artist writers and researchers; Di Goldsmith, PHACE Director; Susan Jasilek, artist; Ruth Sapsed, CCI Director and Fullscope partner.

Nurturing Through the Arts
Maeve Morgan

A look at Nurturing Through the Arts , which explores wellbeing, research, and sharing best practice.

How Can Young People Become Activists in the Arts Through Place Partnerships and Large Scale Regional Events?
Sarah Worth, Highly Sprung

Highly Sprung were commissioned by City of Culture 2021 Trust and the Canal and Rivers Trust to produce an environmentally charged outdoor performance, ‘CastAway’. The programme provided opportunities to improve participants employability and access to the arts, increasing their confidence in choosing arts subjects and ultimately arts jobs.

PEACH-Y – We Can Be The Change We Want to Make
Rachael Williams, Stories of Lynn; with Lily, Evaldas, Tom and Keely

Hear from the PEACH-Y group, who talk about why youth voice is important and how they have taken steps to be heard.

Creative Activism in Action
Elizabeth Lawal, More Than A Moment, and Erica Love, Culture Central

Hear from Elizabeth Lawal and Erica Love about the journey of The More Than A Moment pledge. Which is the West Midlands Arts sector’s promise to take radical, bold and immediate action, to dismantle the systems that have for too long kept Black artists and creatives from achieving their potential in the arts and cultural industries.

Additional Resources

Partners in Creative Learning and Arts Connect

Creative Youth Voices - Future Hopes

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Tiny Plays, BIG IDEAS

Diversity (Race) & Social Justice

This workshop, led by Munira Thobani, a Leadership Consultant, acknowledged the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement in Arts and Culture and the call by Black artists to tackle racism in the sector. Everybody knows that racism is a problem regardless of where you live or work and whilst many people have the commitment to change this, they struggle to know how to do it systematically and sustainably.

The workshop materials will give an insight into exploring the drivers and urgency to tackle racism. It covers what the challenges are and what you can do to start or re-commit to making the shifts that are needed at the personal, professional and organisational levels. It provides a framework to guide you and your activities to promote race equality (as well as equality for all other groups). The workshop looked at assessing progress in individual LCEPs and thinking about an action plan to take back to specific localities.

Workshop Materials

Workshop 1 Slides –  6C Audit Tool –  Workshop 2 Slides